In one life and in the other

Tarik K. Montoro – EBL

I want to thank @tarikk.montoro for our callaboration.

Today I bring you a fascinating story. A novel of magical realism and science fiction. It is a story about adventures and action and a lot of humanity. A story of personal-growth. Constant fight between good and evil that makes you reflect like it is a life lesson. Love, hate, morality, forgiveness. A persistent search of knowledge. While you read, it creates a certain sense to sensitive people, to the gifted, to intuitions, to signs.
David Fonseca is a young man with special knowledge. He entrain on a search for a girl, a girl from memories from another life.
It is a novel written in first person. Written by a first-person limited narrator. All the details are very well connected. The description of the feelings are very well narrated. We clearly see the evolution of the main character.
This is a story worth reading.

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